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  • Which collar size pad fits my dog?
    Measure the width of the lower neck in inches to determine correct size collar pad to order. The collar pad is used to help distribute the pressure on the neck where the collar strap crosses the lower neck. When a dog pulls hard, the pad helps to ease localized pressure. We use a 9" collar pad on our dogs with 18" necks, a 12" collar pad on our male with a 23" neck.
  • What if the leash gets twisted? And can I grab the leash?
    There is a protective sleeve inside the colored portion of your leash that allows the cable to operate correctly even if the leash is twisted. This sleeve also protects the cable from being accidentally pulled if you were to grab or hold the leash. Some people even prefer to hold the leash or place their hand under the collar if their dog is an extremely hard puller. There are many techniques used to handle the dog while using the QRCS but the main focus it to ensure that you do not drop the handle or pull the cable until you are ready to release your dog to start a race.
  • What if my dog doesn't pull to release the cable?
    You can assist the release of a non-pulling dog after you have dropped the handle, gently pull your arm (with cable on it) towards your body so that it pulls the pin to release the collar. Gently pulling the cable back will create enough force to pull the pin allowing the collar to fall off of your dog.
  • What do I do with the excess collar material?
    You can cut the excess material off using scissors or a sharp razor blade. Before cutting off excess material, make sure you have the collar adjusted correctly. If you have multiple dogs, it is our recommendation that you adjust the collar for the largest neck and then you cut off the excess if desired. Our recommendation is to store the excess material in the belt keeper loop allowing for the excess to remain out of the way.
  • What if the racing vest is in the way for males?
    Our custom racing vests are made of neoprene fabric that can be altered or cut to fit around the area needed for male dogs. Neoprene fabric cuts easily and will not fry so that it does not require a hem or sewing to fit male dogs.
  • Do I need to practice?
    You do not need to practice, but there is certainly an advantage to practicing with the Quick Release Collar System prior to an event. Both you and your dogs will get used to the action of the leash at the "Tally-Ho" the handler, remember to LET GO "drop it" of the handle!
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