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Quick release collars offer the handler ability to release their dog to run races whether it is CAT, FAST CAT, Field Trials or other events. Our goal was to fabricate a better way for handling quick release of our dogs at racing events. After many designs and welcomed constructive criticism, our design works flawlessly for a quick efficient release. Our Quick Release Collar System (QRCS) can be used with one or two hands while standing or sitting versus the traditional style collar that requires two hands and leaning over the dog to release them. Our QRCS incorporates a leash, a collar and a spring pin for easier handling, faster release, and allows efficient forward movement of the dog at the start. Once you have used our QRCS, you and your dog will forever love it.

Working together as a ​Mother-Daughter team, we are proud to offer our first product made from durable, high quality materials. Our Quick Release Collar System (QRCS) is made using Biothane, stainless steel, and neoprene so that it withstands continuous use and cleans easily.  Each QRCS is hand crafted with customizable colors. We can also provide custom leash lengths by special order. 

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