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Store Policy

Customer Care

It is our pleasure to offer the Quick Release Collar System (QRCS) and other accessories to everyone interested in participating in dog racing sports of all kinds. The collar pads are able to be removed from the QRCS and are machine washable. The handle and fabric portion of the leash can be cleaned with soap and water when necessary. If you remove any hardware from the QRCS, when re-assembling, all bolts MUST have Loctite applied on the threads and tightened with an Allen Wrench. Racing vests are made from neoprene and are machine washable.

Our goal is to manufacture the best quality products using materials that offer superior function and durability. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback about our products so that we can continue making improvements along the journey.

Privacy & Safety

We respect your privacy and the safety of your information. Along with that you and your dog's safety are always top priority so the following statements are very important to note: 

All customers should hold harmless and defend from any claim for personal injury, animal injury, illness or property damage arising from the use of the products sold by Tally-Go Lure Coursing Supplies LLC. Our products are designed for use by dog owners and handlers participating in dog racing events whose sanctioning body establishes the rules in effect at the event that may or may not allow the use of our products. If in doubt that our products are allowed to be used at a sanctioned dog racing event, please refer to the published Official rules for each event or ask the rules committee to determine acceptable use of products available on our website.


Quick release collars for dog racing allows a handler ability to handle & release dogs at the race start so that they run without a collar during a race for safety of the dogs.


WARNING: If the handle of the Quick Release Collar System is dropped or the release cable is accidentally pulled prior to the handler's wishes the dog will be released from the collar system. 


Special attention should be paid when setting up the QRCS for your dog make sure the collar is tight enough the dog cannot back out of the collar prior to release. 


When you are "loading" your dog, make sure the D-ring is secured behind the pin in the mouth of the box. To open the pin, pull up on the cable at the top of the box so that the D-ring can be inserted & secured as you allow the pin to return to a locked position. Maintain control of the handle and watch that the release cable is not accidentally pulled until you are ready to release your dog.

Stay safe. Have fun and run fast!

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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