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White Rabbit Fur Squawker Lure

Photos show examples of fur covers with white rabbit, the Pete Rickard's Squawker and a neoprene squawker cover. Color and fur may vary slightly. The removable fur cover is washable in COLD water and air dyed on a bottle to reduce skrinkage of the fur. The optional squawker comes with a removable neoprene covering that is machine washable. The removable fur layer is made from real fur that is adhered to a stabilizing fabric to improve durability. You have the option to include the Pete Rickard's Predator Call with the neoprene cover on the order form. A velcro strap is used on the neoprene cover to hold the squawker cover in place. Handles of the neoprene cover can be used for tugging with your dog or looping lure onto the line for coursing. This lure does not have any metal clips. It is best to attach the lure squawker to the line using a XSmall pup collar (NOT INCLUDED) that has a plastic clip on so that it can be installed/removed quickly. If you use an XS puppy collar make sure to cut the metal D-ring off before using. You can tuck the handles inside the cover when dragging with as a lure. You have the option to add a screen protector for the reed inside of the squawker if you are using as a drag lure so that the reed does not fall out.

Fur covers are hand pieced in sections and color/design variations are to be expected.


Special requests for color/fur type can be mentioned under addtional comments. Price may vary for custom furs/designs based on market price of specific fur requested.

All fur is ethically sourced.

White Rabbit Fur Squawker Lure

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