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Sizing Guide:
What and where to measure

QRCS Collar sizing

Collar Pad Sizing:

Select a pad that is about half the size of your dogs neck, i.e. if your dog wears a 12" collar then select a 6" pad.

Quick Release Collar System comes in 3 sizes:

  1. For small or medium dogs that do not pull hard, order the  X-SMALL to MEDIUM size collar adjustable length from 5 1/2" - 26"

  2. For Small and large dogs with hard pulling hard, order the STANDARD size collar (Small to X-Large) adjustable length from 7"-26".

  3.  For XXL dogs, we can customize the collar size to satisfy your needs. Please contact us directly at or add specific notes in the order form.

NOTE: After adjusting the collar to fit your dog, the excess collar length can be secured out of the way with the attached belt keeper loop or you can cut it off with a razor blade.

X-Smalll to Medium Dogs that do not pull hard:


X Small

5.5"-26" Collar

Small to medium dogs that do not tend to pull with a lot of force

Small to X-Large Dogs:




7"-26" Collar

For dogs with a lot of pulling power

Racing vest size measurements

For the racing vests there are five measurements we need to custom fit the vest to your dog:

1. The circumference of the neck just before the body (Red Line #1)

2. The circumference of the ribcage just behind the elbow (Red Line #2

3. The circumference of the waist just before the hind legs (Red Line #3)

4. On the belly, the length between the base of the neck and the back of the elbow (Green line)

5. On the belly, the length from the back of the elbow to just before the hind legs (Blue Line)

6. Also please note the length of the dogs back from withers to hip bones.

7. State the breed and sex of your dog under comments

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