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Customized Leash Length Quick Release Collar System

Custom design the leash length, color and pad for your Quick Realease Collar system.  To determine the desired leash length for you, using a traditional leash handle your dog with it at a comfortable length as if coursing, measure the leash length from the collar to your hand and we can make your QRCS leash the determined length that suits your choice. Leash color can be made from any of the options for our Standrad collar and the collar pad can be made in any optional color listed as well. The Tally-Go QRCS is designed specifically for single or double handed release of dogs during racing or hunting events such as lure coursing, field trials, open field, barn hunt and FastCAT. It is not intened to be used to casually walk your dog outside. The shortst LEASH length avaialble is 11.75 inches.


All QRCS come with a standard 7"-26" adjustable collar, if you would like the smaller 5.5"-26" adjustable collar please state that under the additional information box. XL Collars are available for larger dogs if requested under "addtional information" section with a specific size needed.

Please let us know your dogs breed and the collar size so that we can supply you with the correct size products. You can list this information in the addtional information box. Note please select a pad size that measures about 3-4 inches less the size of your dogs neck; ie a 12" neck would need a 9" pad.


Leash Colors
From Left to Right:
Blaze, Boa, Flame, Genesis, Wicked Rasta, Candy Dots, Phantom Shift, Lightning Splatter, Tiki Blue, Wicked Purple, Endless Waves, Universe, Oculus, Pink Paws, Rainbow Paws, Rainbow Lightning, Alien Skin, Tie Dye, Butterfly, Leopard, Verge, Diamond Plate, Braided Leather, Black, Pink, Green, Lime, Teal, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow


Solid color and additional patterns for leash option available upon request.


Collar Pad Colors:

Note please select a pad size that measuresabout 3-4 inches less the size of your dogs neck; ie a 12" neck would need a 9" pad. Most dogs wear a 9 inch collar pad from neck sizes 13-20 inches.


Pad Colors From Top to Bottom:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Spring Green, Steel Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, Coral, Khaki, Black


If this order form is overwhelming, feel free to email us at with your preferences and we can make an invoice with your selections.

Customized Leash Length Quick Release Collar System

SKU: Custom Leash Length QRCS
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Handle Color
Collar Pad Color
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