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Double Quick Release: ***SPECIAL REQUEST Only***

Custom Design requests can be made for our products including as double dog release system.


Simple alteration requests will NOT change the price of our standard collar of $125.00, if you are requesting items with a COMPLETE CUSTOM DESIGN  like a double release with one handle the price may vary. Simpler alterations include altering the leash length, collar size or exchanging the shoulder strap in place a collar. Please note simple alteration requests under the additional information section when oredering or conatact us my email at


***This for SPECIAL REQUEST DESIGN is for those who wish to completely customize a collar design away from the standard design. All other options come as a standard 27" leash, an adjustable collar for your dog, and a collar pad appropriately sized for your dog***

Double Quick Release: ***SPECIAL REQUEST Only***

SKU : Double Release CustomQRCS
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  • Special request items are considered individually and are priced accroding to specific manufacturing request. Please conatct us dirtectly for pricing at

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