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Custom Racing Vests Set of 3: Size Medium

One set of three racing vests for one dog are included with this option in any combination of 3 listed colors. Our racing vest is custom made to fit snuggly on your dog and is made using 1.5mm neoprene. Neoprene is good for keeping things warm as well as keeping them cool; in the summer if you wet the vest they will stay cool longer.


Racing numbers can also be placed on these vests at your request.


Approximate sizing to determine cost: Sizes are small, medium large and X-Large but are ALL CUSTOM MADE TO FIT YOUR DOG. Small would fit up to 25 lbs, Medium would fit  26-40 lbs, Large would fit 41-75  lbs and X-Large would be over 75 lbs. You must include measurements of your dog to order these vests.


Aditional colors and numbering avialable upon request.

Custom Racing Vests Set of 3: Size Medium

Bez DPH |
Vest Color 1
Vest Color 2
Vest Color 3
  • Please provide the the folowing measurements to place your custom order:

    1. Circumference of the neck at the base right above the keel.
    2. Circumference of the Rib Cage at the back of the Elbow.
    3. Circumference of the waist in front of the hind legs.
    4. Length from Base of neck to back of the elbow between the legs.
    5. Length from back of the elbow to the front of hind leg following the tuck of the dog.
    6. Include the length of the back from the withers to the hip bones for reference as well.
    7. Include breed and sex of dog under comments.
  • Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Spring Green, Royal Blue, Steel Blue, Purple, Pink, Coral, Black, Tan, White. Other colors available upon special request.

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